Avoriaz (1): Working with PDF in swift

Every year around this time I’m going on a ski-holiday with my friends. I’m not exactly a ’tomba la bomba’ on ski’s, but I’m able to finish my run without breaking any limbs most of the time. This year we’ve been to Avoriaz in France, a high-altitude ski-village in France. We always get a full area pass, so without noticing we regularly pass the suisse border when crossing one of the awesome Alpine peaks. When going skiing in Europe to me it’s always the choice between partying (Austria) or the larger and more difficult ski areas of France, but less parties. A few years ago I  backpacked along the many ski-areas in the US and Canada with my mate Michiel. We visited Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, Whistler and Jasper. To name some advantages; the areas are less crowded and you can easily book a cheap hostel to spend the night.


But enough about skiing. During this small vacation I spend a few hours preparing for a job I’m doing for a software firm. Without going into detail, I have to write sample code to handle PDF reading from an API the firm wrote. I dove into the subject and want to share with you what I learned in a few posts. In this first post I start of extremely easy by showing how to display a PDF stored on your phone in a webView.



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